Imagine Campania, Felix as the Romans call it, "the happy and fertile country-side"! It is impossible for someone not to be heard or taste extra virgin olive oil, pomodoro san marzano, mozzarella di bufala, pizza margherita, limoncello, so I guess this explains the " fertile" part!

The "happy" part must have something to do with the lay-down way of life, family always the priority, meals as important events for all to gather around, siesta a must 2-3 hours brake in the middle of the day!

Well, in this "happy" region called Campania, there is one of Italia,s best kept secrets, the Cilento region.

No big cities…lots of fisherman villages, no big highways…rent the smallest car you can get for a no-sweat wander…no fancy restaurant, but lots of agriturismo and trattoria….no all inclusive hotels, just lots of b&b’s of friendly locals opening their houses to people that “strangely” came to visit Cilento…there is this innocent ignorance to leave in a region that has nothing to offer to tourists…unaware that exactly this rustic and genuine way of life is one of the best thing they have to offer!

But you can relax and enjoy the wilderness and authenticity of the country side, and still have the opportunity to visit more glamorous sets or cultural places!
One hour and a half by car you are in Amalfi, or if you prefer by sea, from Salerno and Napoli there are ferries to and from Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento or Capri!
Paestum temples are only 5 min by car or 6 minutes by train, for the brave ones, 30 minutes by bike!
Pompei is an easy one hour, both car or train, you will have enough walking once you,p're there!!! Herculaneum, less famous but really worth a visit, another 20 minutes north from Pompeii!