Cilento National Park is a crossroads of several ancient trails and is an important part of a national trail network. Walking along the ancient trails leads to some of the most fascinating places in the park, surrounded by panoramic views and landscapes that stretch from the sea to the mountains of uncontaminated nature that bewitches and seduces.

We would like to help you to discover the enchanted little world of Cilento National Park! You can walk through ancient trails, olive trees, vineyards and woods; reach small medieval villages castled in the Cilento hills, where a little old lady will invite you in for a coffee; walk along the unspoiled cilento coast with its remote beaches, caves dug into the rocks by the sea; or just small walks for less professional hikers, always immersed into the nature and the charm of the Cilento , faraway from the mass-tourism!

We believe that hiking is the best way to get to know Cilento National Park and dip into its genuine ambience. Many of our former guests were ready, willing and able to make a rush at the walking trails but found it difficult to obtain information about good hiking areas, locate maps and find trail heads.

So either you are interested in hiking by your own or need a professional guide, we will do our best to help.

For the ones looking for guided hiking, we contacted Pietro who is a impassioned Cilento Park expert and hiking professional.

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