Cooking Class




Many people say italians eat a lot, well I think is true, italians love to eat, cook and speak about food...their food!

So this is why we would like to invite  you into our kitchen, to speak about food over a glass of vino, to cook together a pomodoro sauce and share with you l'amore per il cibo that italians have!

Family recipes, local fresh ingredients, ours is "cucina povera" translated into "good food for hard times", simple ingredients, no waisting of food and the only use of seasonal and local products!

And since we are lucky to have in our staff our Nonna, we will leave her reveal the simple secrets of a genuine cuisine! A woman from former times that makes everything herself, pasta, limoncello, marmellate, and everything that cames out of her kitchen is Buonissimo!

Nonna Maria  will teach you  step by  step  the  old traditional  ways of cooking! Join our family for a fun, relaxing, and educational  hands-on cooking class in a friendly atmosphere!

The perfect cooking holiday or just a day take home with you unique memories... And of course lots of secret recipes ?.

Class sizes vary from two to a maximum of ten persons, just like the restaurant, cooking lessons are dedicated  only to our guests. So each participant enjoys  personal attention  and gets to most out of every cooking session.

The cooking classes are held in our kitchen and will be translated by Adriana in English.